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Given the exceptional performance of bitcoin last year, we’ve all been quite fortunate to benefit from its rise
– both in terms of the return on our investment as well as the growth of the overall community.

I remember pitching our startup at this point last year and trying to convince investors that bitcoin was the real deal
– I was mostly laughed at early on, but over the past 6 months we’ve had the opportunity to be backed by some
of Silicon Valley’s best investors and work on building products that contribute to the bitcoin ecosystem. We’re
grateful for this opportunity, and it’s not something that we take for granted.

The events in the Philippines have been quite tragic. Entire communities have been destroyed, and they are seeking aid
from the international community to help rescue victims, clean up and rebuild. So let’s help them with bitcoin.
Historically, bitcoin has had an erroneous connotation associated with it of being an anonymous currency that’s
only used for facilitating illegal activity. Let’s change that perception and show the world that bitcoin can
and is used for good.

We choose to donate all the bitcoin we rise to FR33AID. What is Fr33 Aid?
Fr33 Aid was created to help individuals organize projects that educate people about the value of mutual aid.
Our main activity involves supporting volunteers who provide medical and educational services at liberty-related
events. Fr33 Aid is a support organization for medically skilled individuals who want to volunteer to help others.
Our support functions include identifying medically skilled volunteers at events, providing first aid supplies and
space to store them, providing educational materials, and facilitating networking among liberty loving health
professionals. Fr33 Aid is an educational organization that does outreach to the public about CPR, AED use,
and other aspects of health, safety, and well being. We do educational outreach at liberty oriented events, on
our website, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Fr33 Aid is a networking organization for liberty
loving people who work in medicine, nursing, mental health, or other healthcare related fields. We maintain
a social networking group for our volunteers and also gather in person at liberty oriented events. Fr33 Aid
volunteers provide first aid on a voluntary basis and do not charge for their services. We are an all-volunteer
charity organization that’s funded entirely by the generosity of our donors and not affiliated with any
government. You can put your bitcoins to good use and join us in our efforts to help by donating below.

April 22, 2014 – Atlanta, GA – BitPay, the world leader in business solutions for the
Bitcoin digital currency, today has pledged to match 1 BTC in donations from the Bitcoin community
for BitGive Foundation’s campaign for The Water Project. BitGive is non-profit foundation
leveraging the power of the Bitcoin community to improve public health and the environment worldwide.

Please help raise 1 BTC by donating here to trigger BitPay’s match.